The Iris On appears to refer to both contemporary artist Erik Jones and his collection of vibrant, colorful figure paintings. After a brief career in cover art, artist and illustrator Erik Jones began creating The Iris On after his move to Brooklyn, New York, in 2009. The Iris On seamlessly blends realist portraits of the feminine form with bright, non-representational patterns, creating stunning and intriguing works of art. Jones’s methodical creative process enables him to use these abstractions to not only emphasize the beauty of the figures he paints, but also seemingly clothe them in a way that mimics conceptual fashion design.

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About The Iris On and Erik Jones’s Creative Process

Erik Jones’s pseudonym, The Iris On serves as both his name and a title for his collective body of gallery work. The Iris On combines realism with abstractionism, featuring lifelike female forms cloaked in backgrounds filled with vibrant and colorful non-representational shapes and geometric configurations. Jones first began to embark on this project after moving to Brooklyn, New York, in 2009; while pursuing his ambition to become a gallery artist, Jones began to experiment with non-representational shapes and forms as well as human figures.

Over the following years, Jones refined his style as he received greater opportunities to show his work. In many of his initial paintings, the non-representational elements merely served as backgrounds meant to enhance the beauty of the feminine figure featured in the painting. However, as The Iris On progressed, Jones’s works increasingly began to mirror conceptual fashion design; According to Jones, in his paintings and illustrations, “the viewer is capturing a random moment where the forms are consuming the figure. Not in an aggressive or obtrusive way but more like wearing clothes that are alive.”

To create his work, Jones uses a methodical creative process that combines a variety of mediums, such as colored pencil, watercolor, pastels, acrylic, and oil paint. He first begins with a photo shoot or by examining photos to get initial inspiration for his paintings. Then, on his computer, Jones will manipulate the photos and then overlay then with shapes and colors in order to build a reference for his work. After creating this digital layout, Jones will project this image onto paper and trace it. After tracing, he will begin the painting with a base of watercolor or ink, and once the medium dries, he renders the portrait’s skin with colored pencils and water-soluble pastels. Then, he overlays the portrait with oil paint, and he completes the painting with acrylic, using pencil and pastel as needed to create detail. Jones’s fascinating process enables him to create the engaging artwork featured in The Iris On.

Art Styles Featured in The Iris On

The Iris On primarily features two distinct art styles – non-representational art and realism. Non-representational art refers to art that bears no reference to recognizable objects. Though non-representational art is a form of abstractionism, the terms are not interchangeable because abstractionism can refer to all art that involves some form of departure from reality, including abstractionism derived from figurative or natural sources. Because non-representational art does not clearly resemble recognizable forms, it is highly subjective, and meanings often become personal to each viewer unless the artist has clearly stated his or her meaning.

Realism, on the other hand, consists of accurate and detailed representations of objects or scenes, and these representations are often drawn or painted in photographic precision. Though realism became immensely popular throughout the 19th and 20th Centuries, it most thoroughly influenced the genres of portrait and figure painting. In the 1960s and 1970s, photorealism emerged, and realist artists would showcase their precision by painting or drawing figures and scenes to the point of photographic precision.

In The Iris On, Jones pairs photorealistic portraits with non-representational backgrounds, juxtaposing the clarity of the portraits with the chaos of their non-representational clothes. Jones also does not allude to the meaning of the non-representational forms of his paintings; he simply refers to them as clothes that engulf the realist portrait of the woman, leaving much of the meaning of The Iris On up to viewers and critics. The Iris On therefore merges these two contradictory genres to create fascinating and engaging works of art.

Where to Buy

You can purchase art by Erik Jones at a number of galleries and websites. Eric Jones has an official web store on his official website where you can buy a handful of his prints; however, these prints are often sold out due to high demand. You can also request commissioned work through his website. If you’re looking for an original painting, you can find one at a gallery showing. Jones has shown his work at galleries in major US cities like Los Angeles, and he has even taken his work abroad to London and Rome. He shows his work most frequently in New York, and his most recent showing occurred in January 2018 at the Jonathan Levine Gallery. You can keep up to date with Jones’ gallery exhibitions through his social media; he is most active on Facebook and Instagram.

However, if you cannot physically attend one of Jones’ gallery showings, you can also purchase his work through galleries that he frequents as well as other reselling websited., for example, allows you to search for Jones’ works and will provide you with the contact information for galleries where it is housed, so you can contact a gallery directly if you are interested in purchasing a painting. You can also search for his work through reselling websites like eBay. These sites can be especially useful when seeking older work or his cover art; for example, you can find his print of Daenerys from Game of Thrones here. However, when using reselling websites, be sure to only buy from reputable sellers who are reselling original works, so you do not end up buying an unauthorized re-creation.

About Erik Jones

Erik Jones was born in St. Petersburg, Florida, in October 1982. When he was twenty-one years old, Jones moved to Sarasota, Florida, where he attended the Ringling College of Art and Design. Though he initially pursued animation due to his childhood love of cartoons, Jones discovered a passion for figure painting and illustration while studying at Ringling. However, after his graduation in 2007, he fell into cover illustration for various comics. Illustrating cover art enabled him to make a good living after art school as well as travel the country to various comic conventions, but he aspired to become a gallery artist. Therefore, in 2009, Jones moved to Brooklyn, New York.

While in New York, Jones thoroughly and successfully pursued his gallery ambitions. He began to experiment more thoroughly with graphic arts, figures, and ridiculous color schemes, leading him to create a piece called “Shapes.” Though this piece did not necessarily represent Jones’s best work, it launched him headfirst into pursuing the work featured in The Iris On. His work within The Iris On features vibrantly colorful realist representations of the female form juxtaposed with a non-representational background. Jones currently still lives in Brooklyn, and currently, he draws most of his inspiration from non-representational space and form painters as well as conceptual fashion designers.

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