About the Creators of Theirison.com

As fans of contemporary art and Erik Jones’s The Iris On, we created this website to bring more attention to and inform others about this amazing collection of artwork. For that reason, we are not the official website of either Erik Jones or The Iris On, and we are not officially affiliated with either party in any way.

In the age of the internet, finding quality artwork can be a daunting task. Anyone with an internet can publish their work, so art fans often must wade through a sea of mediocre work in order to find quality art. We therefore wanted to create this website to make it easier for art fans to find information about a great but relatively unknown artist.

Furthermore, many people criticize contemporary art as pretentious, vacuous, or confusing; however, The Iris On does not fall into any of those categories. Jones’s unpretentious and accessible art is enjoyable by any passing viewer, and his seamless combination of elements of realism and non-representational art offer plenty of room for analysis and interpretation by even the most detailed art critic. We thus created this website to showcase how Jones and The Iris On overcome common stereotypes about modern art.

We also heavily admire The Iris On’s beautiful pairing of non-representational art and realist portraits. In each portrait, a near-photorealistic portrait is wrapped in a sea of non-representational forms and geometric shapes. According to Jones, he used these forms initially to enhance the beauty of the portrait, but he now mimics contemporary fashion design in his work, cloaking these realistic portraits in organized chaos. By treating the non-representational elements as almost a form of clothing, The Iris On meshes these two seemingly contradictory styles with ease.

We hope that you have enjoyed learning more about The Iris On and Erik Jones and that you have enjoyed our fan website!